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A leading digital agency with an eye for good design, passion for innovation, and a neck for out-of-the-box solutions.

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How We Stand Out

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User-centric approach

We believe that technology is just an enabler. We don’t make software for machines, but for the humans, i.e., users. So, user always comes first in our scheme of things.

Non-stop innovation

Dedicated in-house team

We deploy dedicated teams of expert designers, developers, quality engineers, and account managers to deliver high quality products in a timely manner.


Belief in people

What sets us apart from others is our firm belief in people and their abilities to do the wonderful things. We work in a collaborative manner, and believe in learning something new every day.

Non-stop innovation

Impeccable credibility

We are proud to have almost 99% retention rate with our customers. We work in a collaborative, fair and transparent manner and never back down from our commitment.

Non-stop innovation

One-step ahead

We always keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and technologies. Our test-driven approach helps us deliver quality and scalable solutions.

Non-stop innovation

Value for money

Our quick response and turnaround time, flexibility to accommodate changes, and habit to go extra miles to help our customers achieving their goals in a timely manner makes us provide a very high ROI (return on investment).

Our Process

Requirement Analysis

This is the first step of our multi-step process to deliver high quality products. Every solution starts with a problem statement. Our valued customers approach us with their idea or a business problem. We listen everything carefully and note down the requirements. A thorough understanding of the requirements is the foundation of a great solution, so we patiently listen to our customers.


After require gathering and deep analysis, we propose a solution to the customer. Once the solution is reviewed and approved by the customer, we carefully choose the technology stack and create a plan to deliver the required solution. The plan includes product design, backlog creation, team set-up and finalizing the milestones or iterations.

Design, Develop, Test

Our highest priority is to satisfy our customers with the smallest possible working feature of the software in the quickest possible turnaround time. To achieve this, we treat each feature, task or module as a small piece of software. We design, develop, test, and review the feature, and all this is done in parallel with a self-organizing, cross-functional development team. The development team conducts daily short meetings to adapt and meet the goals. Once the feature is approved by QA expert and the Project Lead, it is delivered to the stake holders for a review.

Review with stakeholders

Once a feature is developed and meets the “Definition of Done”, it goes for a review with all the stakeholders. The stakeholders mean client team and project development team. Notes are taken from the meeting and the recommended changes are incorporated in the next iteration. This way, we ensure that the successive versions of the product are usable, and each version adds at least something to the previous version in terms of functionality.

Repeat #3 and #4

We keep repeating step 3 and 4 until we get the first copy of the Most Viable Product (MVP). This MVP is reviewed with the customers, and if they are ready to launch it, we go for it.

Deliver Final Product

We often launch the MVP as a beta version on the hosting or deployment space provided by the client. Our development and QA team keeps a tight vigil on the client’s feedback, error log and maintain an issue tracker. We resolve all the issues in real time to keep the product up, functional, and in a healthy state. When our customers are satisfied with the Beta version and are ready to launch the final version, we perform Gamma Testing and release the final product.


Our task is not over with the delivery of a product, but we provide free of cost maintenance for a certain period for a smooth functioning of the product. The maintenance period depends upon the size of the product. It can be 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or 180 days, depending upon the size and complexity of the product.

Our Core Team

Sanjeev K Sharma

Technology & Research

Asad Iqubal

Operations & Delivery

Anuj K Sharma

Global Sales



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